June 6, 2013 KUTV2 News

Peter Stirba made an appearance on the 6 p.m. news with Mark Koebel to promote the 16th Annual Judgesrun.


June 7, 2012 KUTV2News Cameo

Shirley Huestis and Kathy Howa made an appearance on the 4:00 news show with Heidi Hatch and Cristina Flores to promote the 15th Annual Judgesrun. Footage not available at this time.

June 3, 2012

Shirley Huestis was featured on a morning show interview for K96 for the Simmons Media Group.

May 23 and 25, 2012

Here’s a link to a 20-minute uncut interview on “What’s Up Utah?” about the Judgesrun and the Foundation. Rev. Greg Johnson is host, and Shirley Huestis represents the Foundation. Guest Emma Houston joins the group to talk about her successful treatment at the Huntsman Cancer Institute for Stage 3 breast cancer.

What’s Up Utah? program

June 8, 2012 Deseret News article

Check out this article by Amy Donaldson about 15th Annual Judgesrun.

8 Jun 2012 Deseret News article

August 18, 2011 – Deseret News article

See article by Caitlin Orton about Second Annual Concert of Hope To Cure.


August 17, 2011 Salt Lake Tribune article about Amy Grant Concert

Spotlight show: Amy Grant


August 12, 2011 – Deseret News article

“Amy Grant: Bringing meaning and faith to music.” See article about Amy Grant by Michael De Groote.


July 18, 2011 Salt Lake Tribune

“Burger with Relish: Info for Amy Grant’s upcoming cancer benefit show in Utah”


July 5, 2011 Salt Lake Tribune

Amy Grant coming to Utah in August


May 11, 2010 – Concert Commercial on YouTube

Watch our commercial on YouTube for the First Annual Concert of Hope to Cure.

Concert Commercial

April 26, 2010 – KSL Studio 5: Peter Stirba Interviewed

Peter Stirba interviewed on KSL Studio 5 regarding the First Annual Anne Stirba Cancer Foundation Concert of Hope to Cure benefit event.

Watch Interview

December 23, 2009 – Fox News: Jon Huntsman Sr. on Glenn Beck Show

Self-made billionaire and philanthropist, Jon Huntsman Sr. on the Glenn Beck show.

Watch Interview

December 17, 2009 – Salt Lake Tribune: Neil Sedaka Coming

Peter Stirba, President and Founder of the Anne Stirba Cancer Foundation, today announced that its first annual “Concert of Hope To Cure” benefit event will be held on Saturday, June 5, 2010 at Abravanel Hall, featuring performances by: Neil Sedaka and The Lettermen.

Final Press Release

June 16, 2009 – Salt Lake Tribune: Racing for a cure: Judgesrun 5K inspires hundreds to fight breast cancer

Jon Gilbert Special To The Tribune

In the summer of 1997, 12 runners gathered in Sugar House Park to run a 5K race to raise money for breast cancer research. They were inspired by the 10-year battle against breast cancer of their friend, Judge Anne Stirba. Stirba died in 2001, her cancer proving too severe to overcome. Nevertheless, the runners still gather every year to complete the same race, now called the Judgesrun 5K, as they did on Saturday. Except now, they are comprised of an army of nearly 400 runners and walkers raising money for a cure. “[Stirba] was just a very giving, warm person,” said friend Jan Thomas of Sugar House. “This is a great way to honor her.” Unquestionably influential in life, Stirba may be more so now. She was the first woman ever elected to the Utah State Bar Commission and served as a district judge for several years. But now, she is the stimulus of a growing effort to solve the puzzling disease of breast cancer. Through the Judgesrun Foundation, donations and contributions to the Huntsman Cancer Institute continue to grow each year. The race raised more than $8,000 in 2007 and more than $9,000 in 2008. Peter Stirba, Anne’s husband, had a goal for 2009 of $10,000.

“We had really very little participation early on,” Peter Stirba said. “It’s grown every year, the foundation has grown every year and the contributions have grown every year.”

One of the newer participants is Darin Goff, 42, of Cottonwood Heights. Goff is an attorney who works in Salt Lake. He ran the race for the second time this year, despite mostly staying away from 5K runs. Goff prefers to run longer distances and does so three days per week, when he runs for 15 to 18 miles. He ran the Salt Lake half marathon this April, one of the few organized races he commits to each year. But the Judgesrun 5K has a special appeal.

“I think we all know somebody who’s had an issue with cancer,” Goff said. “It’s a difficult disease that we would like to see resolved.”

Although the cause for a cure is Goff’s main motivation to make an exception from his normal routine, the quality of the race plays a role as well. When the Judgesrun finishes at Wasatch Presbyterian Church only a few blocks from Sugar House Park, it really has just begun. A pancake breakfast kicks off the activities; awards are given to first through third place in more than a dozen skill and age categories; music plays as random prize drawings commence; people socialize with each other.

“Typically, when you finish a run they give you a cup of Gatorade and a T-shirt,” Goff said.

The Judgesrun was the start of Anne Striba’s influence on the fight against cancer, but her legacy has her husband inspired to do more. Peter Stirba, through the foundation, has begun an annual golf tournament held in September and has a fundraising concert planned for the spring. All of the donations and the support have increased the resistance to and awareness of breast cancer. “That is quintessentially what we’re here for,” Peter Stirba said.

Cancer race

»The Judgesrun 5K, in honor of the late Judge Anne Stirba, raises funds to find the cure for breast cancer. »The race has grown from 12 racers in 1997 to nearly 400 on Saturday. » Regular 5K participants appreciate the quality of race that the Judgesrun volunteers put on, making them come back year after year. (c) 2009 The Salt Lake Tribune. All rights reserved. Reproduced with the permission of Media NewsGroup, Inc. by NewsBank, Inc.

Typically, when you finish a run they give you a cup ofMay 27, 2009 – Judgesrun Foundation Donates $50,000 to Huntsman Cancer Institute This May, The Judgesrun Foundation donated $50,000 to the Huntsman Cancer Institute. This money will go to funding the ongoing advanced research taking place in the fight against breast cancer. It is our mission to raise and contribute money to this cause.

Judgesrun Foundation Donates $9,000 to Huntsman Cancer Institute

In June of 2008, the Judgesrun Foundation donated $9,000 to the Huntsman Cancer Institute. This came from money raised during the 2008 Judgesrun 5K. This is up from $7,500 raised in 2007. Additionally, the Found